MillerCoors Restoration Projects

Sustainable Brewery Watershed Projects

Following our first watershed risk assessment in 2011, MillerCoors focused water conservation efforts within our brewery watersheds where water is stressed or scarce. We prioritize water stewardship beyond our own operations because we are committed to helping ensure everyone, especially those in our brewery watersheds, has access to high-quality water for years to come. 


Texas Restore Project

MillerCoors partnered with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Tarrant Regional Water District to form the Chambers Creek National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI). As part of NWQI, 182 landowners committed to improving practices on over 29,000 acres of land. This project is increasing water infiltration from agricultural land and improving both the hydrologic regime and water quality. 

In 2016, we partnered with NRCS to implement agricultural conservation practices that improve water quality and reduce runoff in the Eagle Mountain Lake watershed. These conservation practices have saved 125 million gallons of water since 2016. 

California Restore Projects

MillerCoors' Irwindale Brewery converted turf grass to xeriscape, a landscape design that requires little or no irrigation. In 2016, the brewery converted nearly 12.5 acres to drought-resistant plants, reducing irrigation water use by roughly 18 million gallons annually. 

We also launched a project in California removing invasive species from LA's Backyard Forest. The eradication of 6.1 acres of giant reed (Arundo Donax) has improved the local water supply.

Colorado Restore Project

In partnership with PepsiCo and Wells Fargo, MillerCoors, donated $1 million to TNC to help reduce the threat of wildfires, improve water security for the Denver metropolitan area and protect water quality in the Golden Brewery's watershed. Forest management activities were implemented in 2016, thinning overly dense and insect-damaged forests. 

We also partnered with NRCS to implement agricultural conservation practices that decrease irrigation and reduce runoff in the San Luis Valley.