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Packaging & Recycling


Packaging and Recycling

Recycling has always been in our company’s DNA. In 1959, Bill Coors, who at the time was president of Adolph Coors Company, pioneered the recyclable aluminum can. At the time, beer was packaged in tin containers that not only gave beer an aftertaste but also resulted in wasted packaging. Aluminum allowed the company to deliver fresher-tasting beer to consumers while providing a container that is 100% recyclable.

In the same spirit as Bill Coors, today we work with our suppliers to develop new ways to lighten materials and eliminate unnecessary packaging in our beverage containers, in our operations, at retail and throughout our supply chain. We also encourage our beer drinkers to recycle their cans and bottles wherever possible. In 2019 Coors Light announced aluminum, infinitely recyclable pint cups that will replace plastic cups at some events and professional sports stadiums.


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Pledge to Conserve

I pledge to look at my own personal water use and determine where I can conserve water.

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MillerCoors and the Recycling Partnership Transform U.S. Recycling

In 2019, MillerCoors joined 44 leading brands, retailers and organizations to support The Recycling Partnership and its mission to create a more sustainable recycling system in the U.S. that creates more circular economy jobs, more material recovery and stronger, more equitable communities.

The Recycling Partnership has helped 50 million households — more than a quarter of the U.S. population — recycle more and recycle better. By providing communities with critical infrastruture grants, expert assistance and free best-in-class tools and data, The Recycling Partnership is improving recycling in communities all across the U.S.

"A long-time sustainablility leader, MillerCoors sets a high bar on what it means to ensure a healthier future," said Keefe Harrison, CEO of The Recycling Partnership. "We are thrilled to have MillerCoors join The Partnership and help us scale measurable recycling system change across the country to create a better economy, stronger communities and a healthier planet for all."

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From Glass to Glass

MillerCoors believes that behind every bottle of beer, there should be less waste. That’s why our packaging strategy is to increase recycled materials such as paper and glass every year. One of our bottling facilities, Rocky Mountain Bottle Company (RMBC) in Colorado, partners with a glass recycling facility in New Mexico. During fall 2017 alone, this resulted in over 300 tons of recycled glass being sent from Santa Fe to Denver to ultimately be used in new bottles for brands such as Coors Light, Miller Lite and Blue Moon.


Packaging: The Next Frontier

As part of our 2025 goals, we aim to drive down our packaging emissions, use more recycled materials in our packaging, and ensure 100% of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Of the 8.3 tons of plastic that's been produced since the 1950s, 79% has ended up as waste. In order to combat this crisis, we're collaborating and innovating the ways we package our products.


Innovate: Biodegradable Fibers

We're testing biodegradable six-pack rings with our Colorado Native beer in Denver, Colorado. The ring alleviates recycling confusion and can be disposed of in either a regular trash can or recycling bin. Unlike plastic, it's both compostable and recyclable. We are also working with partners to assess additional fiber and other novel solutions.

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