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Responsibly Refreshing

Enjoying One of Life's Simple Pleasures

At MillerCoors, we’re all about people enjoying a good time safely. That’s why we are helping people get more of their refreshment in a responsible way. To do that we’re expanding our low- and no-alcohol product choices, helping our beer fans make choices with responsible enjoyment in mind, and are partnering with customers, retailers and our peers in the global alcohol industry to champion responsible consumption. By 2025, we aim to implement impactful programs to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving across the United States.

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2025 Goal: Prevention of Underage Drinking and Drunk Driving in all of our markets

We support a range of initiatives in many of our markets to enable our consumers to Celebrate Responsibly®. We focus on three signature programs:  Rideshare App Partnerships, Designated Driver Programs and Free Rides Programs. We want to make sure that beer drinkers have a range of options to get home safely so that they never drive drunk. To learn more about these programs, please visit our Drunk Driving Prevention page.

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Pledge to be Responsible

I pledge to always take a cab, bus or train, or to have or be a designated driver, because with great beer comes great responsibility.

Thank you for your pledge to plan ahead. Please spread the word. Together we can work to prevent drunk driving and help keep our communities safe.


National and State-Specific Stats

To learn about the progress made to reduce our drunk driving and underage drinking at the national and state levels, click here


Driving Innovations

We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved with low-alcohol options, so that beer fans globally can enjoy the same great taste served with refreshing moderation. In fact, by 2025 we’re aiming to offer one low- or no-alcohol brand within every market where we sell beer. That’s why we’ve acquired Clearly Kombucha, a great new addition to our emerging portfolio of our non- and low-alcoholic beverage choices. MillerCoors will continue to include two outstanding no-alcohol choices in our product portfolio, Miller Sharp’s and Coors Non-Alcoholic (NA).

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