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MillerCoors represents a business unit of Molson Coors Brewing Company for the United States.  Learn more about international markets.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

MillerCoors SLT is led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gavin Hattersley and is comprised of nine executives from various divisions, including marketing, integrated supply chain, sales, legal and corporate services, human resources, public affairs and communications.

Business Integrity Team

Our Business Integrity Team is responsible for preparing our Code of Business Conduct, addressing questions and concerns pertaining to the code and other key company policies, and serving as a resource to help foster pride and integrity among employees across the company. The Business Integrity Team reports to the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee and our internal Business Integrity Committee on a quarterly basis. The Business Integrity Committee provides oversight regarding compliance issues, including raising these issues to our Board of Directors when necessary and reviewing summaries of reports made through our Business Integrity Helpline.

The Business Integrity Committee is comprised of MillerCoors SLT members, including our CEO; Chief Legal and Corporate Services Officer; representatives from Finance, Human Resources, Public Affairs and Communications; Sales and Distributor Services and Integrated Supply Chain; Internal Audit; Corporate Security, and Business Integrity. SLT member representatives are selected by the respective functional chiefs to serve in their place.

Sustainability Team

MillerCoors Sustainability Team sets sustainability goals for the company and works with functional teams across the business, including breweries, supply chain, agricultural supply chain, human resources and marketing, to integrate sustainability initiatives strategically into various work streams. The team also monitors industry trends and economic changes that may impact operations and leads the Sustainability Leadership Council, which is comprised of 40 employees representing all levels of management and all aspects of our business. The Council meets quarterly to help guide MillerCoors sustainability strategy.