How do I tell if my beer is still fresh and where do I find nutritional information?

Submitted by accuser on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 21:39

Beer is a food product. Unlike fine wine, it does not age gracefully! Luckily, all MillerCoors beers come with freshness codes that tell you when it's best to drink them. You'll see this code on every bottle and can—and on the carrier it came in, such as a six- or 12-pack. Most MillerCoors products that are packaged in cans or bottles and distributed in the U.S. will stay fresh for about 120 days, at which time the beer should be pulled from shelves and is no longer considered fresh.

What are the ingredients in MillerCoors beers and do MillerCoors beers contain gluten?

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MillerCoors uses only the finest ingredients, including ideal brewing water, choice hops, barley, grains, yeast, and our Brewmaster’s passion for great beer. We think you’ll agree that the taste and quality of these beers is a winning combination that’s unsurpassed in today’s marketplace.  For specifics on ingredients for each brand see nutrition under Nutrition and Codes.

Does MillerCoors recycle?

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MillerCoors operations generate literally tons of recyclable materials each day. Besides recycling standard materials like office paper, plastics, glass and aluminum, MillerCoors also recycles brewing byproducts like grain and yeast.

Is MillerCoors publicly traded and can I get a financial report?

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MillerCoors itself is not publicly traded, but is a business unit of Molson Coors, which is publicly traded.

Stock in MolsonCoors (TAP) is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and while there is no annual financial report from MillerCoors, you can get all the financial information you need about our company by visiting MolsonCoors

What does MillerCoors sponsor?

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MillerCoors sponsors various state and national events such as Motorsports, NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Golf, State Festivals, State Fairs, etc. Local promotions are generally supported by our distributors. If you are interested in local sponsorship or a local promotion, you can find the closest local distributor by checking in your local telephone directory under "beer and ale" or "beer and wine."