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MillerCoors Uses 15 billion fewer gallons of water in 2016

Today, MillerCoors announced it used 15 billion fewer gallons of water across its value chain in 2016. The reduction can be attributed to changes in farming techniques that include innovative tools and irrigation initiatives that use less water while still producing high-quality barley, along with increased brewery efficiencies. Wet weather also contributed to the 2016 reduction.

Coors Banquet continues to "Protect Our West" in 2017

Since 2014, Coors Banquet drinkers throughout the West have raised more than $750,000 in support of wildland firefighters and their families by simply enjoying the Banquet Beer. This summer, Coors Banquet is once again inviting people to join in supporting the wildland firefighters who risk their lives to preserve our Western heritage by purchasing Coors Banquet in participating states.

Hop Valley Brewing Co. releases "Reveal" to support LGBTQ organizations

EUGENE, Ore. Hop Valley Brewing Co. has released Reveal, a pale ale brewed in collaboration with ambassadors from the LGBTQ communities in Oregon, Washington and California. Available on tap and in 12-ounce bottles throughout those states, a portion of proceeds from the sale of Reveal support local and regional LGBTQ nonprofit organizations.

ZIMA is back - You in or what?

Put on your choker, bust out your portable CD player and dust off the pager because Zima’s back. For a limited time only, people can pick up a six-pack of the nostalgic beverage just in time for Fourth of July weekend.

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