We All Sell Beer

From brewery workers to quality specialists to sales representatives to financial analysts and marketers, everyone at MillerCoors plays a role in selling beer. Learn more about the great people who are helping achieve our growth ambition.

Wesley Scheider, Mechanical Specialist, Rocky Mountain Metal Container-End Plant

“I like discussing all of the quality, hard work and pride that goes into every product we make.”

  • Why MillerCoors: I grew up nearby in Lakewood, Colo., and my mom worked for Coors Brewing Company. When my wife and I bought our house and had our first baby, I knew I had to improve myself. I saw the opportunities my mom had, and I knew working here was the way for me to do it. My mom recently retired after 19 years, but my brother works at Rocky Mountain Bottle Company and my brother-in-law is here at the end plant as well.
  • Day in the life: I am kind of a jack-of-all-trades here at the end plant—anything I can do to help our facility be successful. I repair equipment, troubleshoot issues, train coworkers, coach teammates, help write procedures, train others on lifts, provide coverage for vacations/call-ins, help plan and schedule preventative maintenance, and perform in-depth maintenance.
  • How I sell beer: I love sharing a cold one with friends, family or anyone, really. I like discussing all of the quality, hard work and pride that goes into every product we make. I also enjoy letting people know about all of the options for those who may not prefer our flagship brands.
  • Living Our Brew: I believe in putting the team first—we are at our best when we work together as one.
  • Favorite beer: Beer. I like all styles of beer, from dark to light and sweet to sour. My staples are Coors Light and Colorado Native out of my Coors Light Refresherator.
  • Family: My wife, Angie, has been putting up with me for the past 16 years. We have two little girls, Lily (13) and Emma (11), and both of them are already much smarter than their daddy.
  • Hobbies: I play guitar and enjoy building things. I spend most of my time with my family. I love watching my daughters grow, and I try to fill their lives with as much adventure and laughter as possible. When I do get away, I enjoy live music, sporting events, board games, cards, the great outdoors and good company.

Kelli Colligan, Trade Quality Specialist, Golden Brewery

“I live by the Adolph Coors mantra of ‘Quality in all we are, and all we do.’”

  • Why MillerCoors: My parents worked for Coors, so I’ve spent time in the Golden Valley my whole life. I even spent the summer between high school and college giving tours. I learned a lot about the company and its strong history of making quality brands. A few years later when the opportunity arose, it was an easy decision.
  • Day in the life: As the liaison between the sales/distribution side of the business and supply chain, I help our distributors with any quality issues they may have. I ensure the highest quality in everything from packaging and pallets to aroma and taste. I’m also an advanced taster, so I can help on-premise accounts identify issues that might lead to off-taste complaints.  
  • How I sell beer: I try to build lifelong relationships with distributors. They know they can reach out to me for help at any time, even if it isn’t quality related! I volunteered to help with the 3.2 conversions in Colorado, Kansas and Utah, which helped build good relationships with retailers. When distributors and retailers visit the Golden Brewery, I educate them on how we make our great brands, detail the quality steps we take through the entire process, and provide talking points on our quality and heritage to support sales at retail.
  • Living Our Brew: I always strive to achieve our goals, but never by compromising our standards and ethics. I live by the Adolph Coors mantra of “Quality in all we are, and all we do.”
  • Favorite beer: Coors Banquet and Blue Moon were two of the first beers I ever tried, and they are still my two favorites.
  • Education: B.S., University of Colorado; MBA, Regis University; Six Sigma Green Belt Certified; General Certificate in Brewing and Packaging from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling; Draught School Certification
  • Hobbies: I started skiing at age 2 with the Coors Ski Club, and I still love to hit the slopes. I also picked up golfing a few years ago and now go every chance I get.
  • Fun fact: I love to travel and have sailed around the world. I’ve been to 30 different countries and every state in the United States.

Nakia Spencer, HR Coordinator, Milwaukee Brewery

“As community relations chair of the African American Employee Network ERG, I talk to current and potential consumers about our brands. One gap in consumer knowledge is recognizing our FMBs as MillerCoors brands. I think these kind of authentic interactions really help anchor our brands in the community.”

  • Why MillerCoors: I started as a contract employee while completing my graduate program. Once here, I learned that MillerCoors employees work hard and play hard. From that grew my desire to find a permanent role, continue to develop and harness my skillset in ways that have been mutually beneficial.
  • Day in the life: In my HR role, I have a hand in getting the right people into the right roles. This includes providing administrative support to my team, writing standard operating procedures and continually looking for ways to transform and improve our business processes. I also believe that providing prospective employees with an optimal experience helps us hire the best people, which ultimately helps sell more beer.
  • How I sell beer: As community relations chair of the African American Employee Network ERG, I talk to current and potential consumers about our brands. As part of the larger Cheers to Milwaukee event, I visit locally owned minority accounts to say thanks for selling and consuming our products. As a part of this, I buy beers for consumers and use it as an opportunity to tell our brand story and educate people about other options in our portfolio.
  • Living Our Brew: The sales business requires a certain passion and integrity. When I say I will do something I will deliver positive results.
  • Favorite beer: I really like Arnold Palmer Spiked.
  • Education: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising and mass communications; master’s degree in English: professional and technical writing; PhD candidate in African and African diaspora studies
  • Family: I am the aunt of one amazing niece—she makes us proud every day. She is the namesake of my sister, whom we lost several years ago.
  • Hobbies: I love to travel and have visited cities in India, Africa, Spain, England, France and the Dominican Republic. I’ve built a school library in Ghana and traveled from rooftop to rooftop in India to view the kite festival.
  • Fun fact: I am a trustee in Wisconsin’s Village of Brown Deer because I want to serve my community. I believe it’s all about good old-fashioned retail politics, which simply means going door-to-door and having open and honest conversations with people to find viable solutions to issues.

Kaiser Mock, Financial Analyst-Brewing, Golden Brewery

“When we talk about everyone selling beer, it isn’t just about getting people to buy more product. It’s about representing our brand, who we are as a company and what we stand for. While we make awesome products, we do so in an ethical and responsible manner, and those are the things I brag about the most to other people.”

  • Day in the life: I assist the brewing team in controlling costs and analyzing data that impacts financial performance. For example, tracking macro extract loss (MEL) is a significant part of my job; it impacts every stage of the brewing process and has big ramifications for how we are graded as a brewery.
  • Living Our Brew: I love how integrated the functions are here at MillerCoors. The team first aspect is one of the biggest reasons I love coming to work. I know that I have an amazing team of people that support me and allow me to grow as an employee. It is one of the areas that makes MillerCoors so unique as a company.
  • How I sell beer: While I am not a salesman, I am still passionate about what we do and the products we make. Whether it is at family gatherings, hanging with friends or even my church group, I am constantly talking about our company’s products. I roam the shelves of my local stores looking for some of my favorite MillerCoors products, and if they don’t carry them, I am not shy about letting them know they should.
  • Favorite products: I’m a millennial, so I like the sweeter drinks—haha. I love the Leinenkugel’s Shandys, with Grapefruit Shandy being my absolute favorite. I also like a lot of the FMBs we make—can someone say Arnold Palmer Spiked?
  • Education: BA and MS, accounting, Michigan State University
  • Hobbies: Growing up in Gillette, Wyo., I had little opportunity to explore my passion for gymnastics. But here in Colorado, I judge and participate. This includes judging high school girls’ gymnastics, club boys’ gymnastics and even the Special Olympics. Judging is one of the most rewarding activities I participate in, because I get to give back to the sport that I think has great life skills to teach people from all walks of life and ages. I compete with a team in Boulder and recently took first place at nationals vault for my skill level!
  • Fun fact: When I was in college, I would get incredibly nervous watching basketball games during March Madness. So I taught myself to knit during games to calm my nerves. Not to brag but, because I’m a Spartan, it meant a lot of knitting during March!

Meagan Nelson, Marketing Manager, AC Golden

“I do a little bit of everything. Working on a small brand with a nimble team, you get pulled into all facets of the business, which is one of my favorite parts of my job.”

  • Why MillerCoors? A canceled flight turned into a “career in beer” for me. While stranded at the airport, I struck up a conversation with a few other delayed passengers who happened to work for MillerCoors’ meetings and events agency. Eventually, my new friends suggested I apply for an open position on their team. In my four-plus years in meetings and events, I learned plenty about the business, supporting everything from the MillerCoors Distributor Convention to the President’s Awards trip to sales incentives. I continued to build my expertise on our business when I moved to one of our advertising agencies, where I worked on Blue Moon and Tenth and Blake. I joined MillerCoors in 2016, taking on a marketing and events role at the Blue Moon RiNo Brewery.
  • Day in the life: In my current role as marketing manager at AC Golden, I work with the team to drive growth on the Colorado Native portfolio of beers, Batch 19 and innovations. No single day is quite the same as I do a little bit of everything. Working on a small brand with a nimble team, you get pulled into all facets of the business, which is one of my favorite parts of my job.
  • How I sell beer: Joining the AC Golden team was an amazing opportunity. In the past year I’ve worked to shape how consumers view our core brand, Colorado Native, by evolving the strategy and updating the look and feel through the graphic refresh. This has allowed us to drive renewed excitement with distributors and retailers and introduce new packages such as the Trail Pack variety pack.
  • Favorite beer: Batch 19 and Colorado Native Mountain Pass Pils
  • Education: MBA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Hometown: I have roots in Arvada, Colo., and Lincoln, Neb., so I call both places home.
  • Hobbies: I like spending time with my family, especially my nephews and niece, as well as traveling and taking advantage of all the great activities Colorado has to offer.
  • Fun fact: Once college football season starts, you’ll typically find me settling in with the crew from ESPN’s “College Gameday” as I get ready for the day’s action. Go Big Red!
Meagan Nelson

Tom Kovacich, Business Unit Records Management Specialist, Milwaukee

“My work is all about order, so we can find the records we need, when we need them, to keep the business running. You can see this same philosophy in my art installations, whereas a sense of order is a delicate balance of visual moving parts that encompass the whole.”

  • Day in the life: I help employees manage their business records, and I manage our inventory of records both on-site and off-site. I can produce any employment records, legal documents or brewing information we need.
  • Why MillerCoors? I grew up in West Allis, Wis., across the street from the Wisconsin State Fair Park. My parents owned Town Beer & Liquor, a mom and pop liquor store and tavern. In the morning before school, we cleaned up from previous night’s business, including sweeping and mopping the bar room floor, washing beer glasses and sorting returnable bottles by brand. My father wanted me to work for a big company, and I was hired by Miller Brewing Company in December 1977. As a mailroom clerk, my weekly take-home pay was $3.25 per hour. I took home slightly under $100 a week—that was lot of money! Nearly 42 years later, I still love the company and the beer!
  • How I sell beer: I often donate gratis beer to encourage others to be loyal to our brands.
  • Education: Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
  • Hobbies: Thinking about and making art, gardening and traveling to unconventional places. I’ve been to Hong King three times and Vietnam (Hanoi, Saigon, Mekong Delta) twice.
  • Fun fact: I’m a co-owner and operator of SAFI Studios, a small artist studio in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. I specialize in set design and art installations, which feature a definite sense of order.
Tom Kovacich