We All Sell Beer

From brewery workers to quality specialists to sales representatives to financial analysts and marketers, everyone at MillerCoors plays a role in selling beer. Learn more about the great people who are helping achieve our growth ambition.

Heidi Harris, Coors Archivist, Golden

"I geek out over all the cool artwork and artifacts from Coors Brewing Company’s rich 146-year history, and I’m happy to provide it to our brand and legal teams to make even cooler new advertising. Obviously, more compelling advertising and packaging—that is historically true to our brands—sells more beer. A great example is the work I did on the Coors Banquet historical can series."

  • Day in the life: I fulfill requests for information and artwork from internal stakeholders, museums, consumers and fans of Coors and MillerCoors brands. The largest task is processing the amazing historical object collection housed in Golden. 
  • Favorite beer: Colorado Native Golden Lager
  • Education: BA, anthropology, Colorado State University; MS, museum and field studies with emphasis in archives, University of Colorado
  • Family: Husband, Dan, and son, Sean
  • Hobbies: I love hanging out with my family—they crack me up all the time. I relax by reading, crocheting lots of dishcloths and attempting to finish my second blanket.
  • Fun fact: When I play video games I must collect all coins, bonus items and objects—I guess I’m an archivist at heart. I have too many pairs of patterned socks to count: rubber duckies, Day of the Dead masks, sushi and donuts, just for starters.
Heidi Harris

Jen "Mikki" McNeil, Export Supply Chain Customer Analyst, Milwaukee

Jen McNeil, an export supply chain customer service analyst in Milwaukee, is just as comfortable on stage as she is in the office. The Syracuse, N.Y., native plays electric bass in The Wannabe’s, an all-girl rock band that performs in northern Wisconsin. She also rocks her day job, managing the challenges of exporting beer to Mexico and Latin America. 

Jen came to MillerCoors three years ago, anxious to apply her passion for geography, her Spanish-speaking skills and her business degree with an emphasis in supply chain from the University of Wisconsin. Today, she does just that, confirming orders, completing ocean bookings and clearing beer through customs for export distributors in Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay. To further her ability to meet distributor demand, Jen earned APICS Certification in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) in April 2018. 

Jen is inspired by the Team First attitude she witnesses every day at MillerCoors and Molson Coors. "The export teams are a source of pride and passion for me. We work hard and strive together. We always look forward to the next moments of both triumphs and conquering setbacks— always as a team!"

When Jen is not configuring beer shipments and ocean containers, she’s often tent camping, mountain biking or kayaking with her wife, also named Jen. She lives near Miller Park in Milwaukee and enjoys Miller High Life.

Jen McNeil

Brandon Fiorella, Business Analyst, Tenth and Blake, Chicago

It turns out that crunching and analyzing numbers is a lot more fun when it’s in the service of selling beer than doing it for some bankers. 

At least, that’s the case for Brandon Fiorella, who’s been with MillerCoors for five years. 

"I did a short stint in banking and quickly realized my incredibly strong need to actually be passionate about the company and industry I work for," he said. "MillerCoors was a perfect match for so many reasons." 

With a BBA from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA from Northern Illinois University – just for good measure, he also attended the Illinois Institute of Art! – Brandon uses his analytical expertise to create the selling stories for our Tenth and Blake craft brewers that help retailers understand the power of our brands. He also helps educate his colleagues about craft industry trends and competitive activity, ensuring they’re in the best possible position to sell successfully. 

He’s always pushing the team to be me forward-thinking. 

"We need to get out ahead of trends and lead in the craft space," Brandon said, "rather than follow whatever trend is bubbling up at the moment … cough, cough, glitter beer."

Brandon Fiorella

Teresa Strauch, production services analyst, Fort Worth Brewery

Teresa Strauch loves baseball. Baseball and beer? Even better. In the summer, you’re likely to spot her at a baseball game, festival or concert, decked out in a Miller Lite shirt and hat, sipping a Miller Lite and encouraging those around her to switch to our brands.

“I love our products and am proud of what we do!” Teresa says. In fact, she enjoys all kinds of beers, including Revolver Blood & Honey, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Miller Genuine Draft, Redd’s and Leinenkugel’s seasonals. You’ll even find her chatting up bartenders and servers, suggesting they promote our brands. 

Teresa grew up in Fort Worth and always wanted to work for the “legendary” brewery. In the last 13 years, she has progressed from a line operator in packaging, to learning and development, to production services, where she ensures the brewery has the materials crucial to daily production.

Teresa appreciates the Team First mentality, and she experienced it first hand during the BP&S go-live when her counterparts from other breweries shared information to help with training and transition.

Teresa earned a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing while raising her children, and loves to volunteer and contribute to the community. She satisfies her love of travel and baseball with annual excursions to Major League Baseball All Star events.

Teresa Strauch

Jessy Zwiefelhofer, area sales manager - Tenth and Blake, Denver

It took an internship with her local chamber of commerce and the passion of visitors to her hometown to help Jessy Zwiefelhofer truly appreciate the gem she had in her own backyard. The rest is history. Beer history.

While getting her marketing degree at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, the native of Chippewa Falls, Wis., had an internship with the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center. The enthusiasm she heard from visitors for Leinie’s was an eye-opener.

During one of Jessy’s two summers as a tour guide at Leinie’s, she hosted a group of visiting MillerCoors employees who told her about the SMP program. Now almost five years into her career with the company, Jessy plays a pivotal role in the success the Tenth and Blake portfolio is enjoying in her markets.

Her favorite beer choices – Pilsner Urquell and Leinie’s Original – reflect her broader MillerCoors mindset. While her initial focus when out selling at retail may be Tenth and Blake, she frequently sees opportunity for other brands in the MillerCoors portfolio and pulls in her colleagues to ensure that nothing gets left on the table.

When she’s not selling hard, you’ll find Jessy traveling, hiking, skiing, golfing and cooking. You also may find her at a Pop-a-Shot machine, but be wary. “I’ve been known to run the table at Pop-a-Shot.”

Jessy Zwiefelhofer