We All Sell Beer

From brewery workers to quality specialists to sales representatives to financial analysts and marketers, everyone at MillerCoors plays a role in selling beer. Learn more about the great people who are helping achieve our growth ambition.

Stephanie Zipp, associate marketing manager, Chicago

How do you like them apples? Ask Stephanie Zipp that question and she’ll probably say, “I like them turned into hard cider.” Stephanie is the associate marketing manager for Crispin Hard Cider and Smith & Forge Hard Cider. In her role, she leads a group of cross-functional partners to develop compelling marketing plans for these brands, aiming to reach and influence consumers.

“I love my job because I’m able to participate in all facets of brand management, including business analysis, sales support, public relations, media, insights and a lot more,” Stephanie said.

The Park Ridge, Illinois native spent six years at public relations agencies, working on campaigns for a wide range of brands, including Coors Light, Blue Moon, Miller High Life, Crispin, Keystone Light and Batch 19. That experience gave her a thirst for the beer business, and she made her way to MillerCoors in December 2017.

When Stephanie is not focused on marketing Crispin and Smith & Forge, she’s making plans for her June wedding, traveling, attending concerts and cuddling with her dog. This Carthage College grad also has served as a professional model – her face gracing ad campaigns for companies such as Kohl’s, McDonald’s and John Frieda Hair. Her current go-to brands are Crispin, Blue Moon and Peroni.

Stephanie Zipp - dining

Derrick Eskra, sales executive, Walmart

As our largest retail customer, Walmart plays an important role in our success, and we have a big team dedicated to helping them grow the size and profitability of their beer category.

One of those important team members is Derrick Eskra, a chain sales executive who works with distributors throughout the Great Lakes Region to call on Walmart and Sam’s Club, providing them with solutions to drive our Walmart strategy.

A native of Oak Forest, Illinois, Derrick began his career with MillerCoors in 2015 after working for an event company that partnered with Miller Lite, Dr. Pepper and the Chicago Bears. Getting a taste of the beer industry was all this Eastern Illinois University grad needed to know he would love to work for MillerCoors. It also helped him understand the importance of building relationships and delivering for your customer.

“In this industry, our customers are faced with hundreds of suppliers on a weekly basis,” Derrick said. “If you’re not providing the best possible customer service and the best solutions to drive sales, then someone else is going to.”

When he’s not selling beer, Derrick enjoys golfing, exercising and drinking Miller Lite as he cheers on the Chicago Bears.

Derrick Eskra

Todd Dombrowski, director, pricing strategy, Chicago

Todd Dombrowski has a strong commitment to teamwork and winning. Those traits were formed while serving as a U.S. Naval officer, and they’ve helped him succeed as director of pricing strategy for MillerCoors.

In this role, Todd works closely with some of our company’s brightest, most analytical employees to drive revenue growth for MillerCoors and our customers. He works directly with general managers, chain leadership and distributors on complex business opportunities, like testing new promotional tactics, evaluating the effectiveness of our investments and establishing pricing strategy for innovation.

“For me, teamwork is the priority,” Todd said. “Despite our varied backgrounds, U.S. veterans share a special bond born out of our commitment to team, mission and country. I don’t care who gets credit, but I want to win and I love working with people who will set aside differences to come together for a shared purpose.”

When he’s not helping MillerCoors to maximize revenue, Todd enjoys swimming, running, coaching his children’s sports teams and mentoring veterans and transitioning service members. He also proudly serves as ERG national lead for the MillerCoors Veterans Group.

Todd Dombrowski

Tiffany Nguyen, sales representative, San Jose, California

It’s often said that restaurants and bars are where brands are discovered, and where consumers develop a long-term brand affinity. Dallas native Tiffany Nguyen is one of the people who helps ensure that the brands consumers are encountering are from MillerCoors.


As a sales representative, Tiffany supports nearly 80 on-premise accounts throughout her region. She uses our sales tools to maximize retailer profitability and she helps create new ideas for promotions to help grow accounts’ overall business. 


“Being a sales rep, we have the opportunity to sell our beer not only to retailers, but also straight to consumers,” Tiffany said. “We have the power to immediately switch someone’s beer preference, and that can go a long way.”


The self-proclaimed karaoke superstar is comfortable in the on-premise setting, where retailers and consumers are open to hearing about the unique stories behind our brands.


When she’s not selling beer or belting out Amy Winehouse tunes in one of her accounts, this University of Texas grad enjoys kickboxing, cooking and watching baseball games.

Tiffany Nguyen at ballpark

Josh Rugowski, business transformation sub process owner, Milwaukee

Growing up in Green Bay’s frozen tundra, Josh Rugowski knows a thing or two about the frigid Wisconsin weather. But that doesn’t stop this business transformation sub process owner from riding his bike to work nearly every day of the year.

Josh started making the trek to MillerCoors as a contractor twelve years ago, and achieved his goal of officially joining the team in 2012. In his current role, Josh is a part of the team responsible for the BP&S rollout at the five original Miller breweries (M5), helping deliver one way of doing business across the company. He works with vendors, consultants and fellow business team members to ensure that our new systems and processes are developed and executed effectively.

When he’s not selling beer, Josh, who holds a degree in marketing with a certificate in international business and has a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, can be found hanging out with his wife Maria and their nine-month-old son, Avi. Together, this active family likes to hike and enjoy the outdoors in every way possible. Josh calls his favorite beer a two-sided coin, with Hopsecutioner and High Life on either end.

Josh R. standing in front of bike on Milwaukee campus