We All Sell Beer

From brewery workers to quality specialists to sales representatives to financial analysts and marketers, everyone at MillerCoors plays a role in selling beer. Learn more about the great people who are helping achieve our growth ambition.

Bryan Wells, production services manager, Irwindale Brewery

Whether at work or at play, Bryan Wells is always aiming for peak performance. As a production service manager in the Irwindale Brewery, he aims for the optimal scheduling plan for beer, materials and trucks at the brewery. When away from the plant, he aims to achieve new goals when mountain biking, hiking, surfing, running or snowboarding.

Oftentimes his work life and recreational interests intersect. For example, Bryan recently competed in the “Six-Pack of Peaks,” an annual challenge in Southern California encouraging contestants to reach the top of six different towering mountain peaks. He and a few co-workers completed the grueling challenge and carried beer to the top of each mountain as a reward. 

Bryan, who has worked here for 15 years, first had interest in working at MillerCoors when he used to pass the brewery during his 90-minute commute to a previous job. He correctly guessed that the brewery would have a place for someone with a bachelor’s in biology, an MBA in operations management and a passion for beer.

Image of Bryan Wells celebrating a successful climb to mountain top (with Miller Lite in hand)

Mary Pate, production technician, Trenton Brewery

Sometimes, opportunity presents itself just when you need it. And that’s what happened for Mary Pate. Three years ago when she found herself at one of life’s crossroads, a chance encounter with a friend, Dennis Combs – a 27+ year employee at the Trenton Brewery – led her to a temporary position at the plant. And through hard work and dedication, that temp position became a permanent role two years ago.

As a production technician, Mary is responsible for simultaneously running and trouble-shooting two packers. One machine runs 24-pack cans, pumping out up to 78 cases per minute, and the second runs 30-packs at about 65 cases per minute. While these cases are flying by, Mary checks everything from graphics to code dates to carton glue, because quality always trumps quantity. She is the last check before distribution, and she takes pride in running a quality product.

When she’s not making beer, Mary enjoys spending time with her college-aged sons and friends, and getting outside to garden, hike or snow ski. Mary loves sharing our beers with neighborhood friends in the German Village community she calls home. She once even worked her magic to encourage a new local account to carry MillerCoors products, after they initially planned for only local craft options. She enjoys staying healthy and fit, so her go-to beer is always Miller64.

Image of Mary Pate, production technician, Trenton Brewery

Aaron Ausloos - sales representative, Cleveland

Aaron Ausloos, a Wisconsin native who has attended 12 consecutive Milwaukee Brewers home openers, has been a loyal drinker of MillerCoors beers since he turned 21. His passion for beer was evident even before he began working here three years ago. In fact, it was his friend and former co-worker Elizabeth Hitch (now the Sol brand manager), who suggested he apply for a job as MillerCoors sales representative in Cleveland.

That turns out to have been a life-changing suggestion, and one for which he is eternally grateful. “I have a dream job,” Aaron said. “I get to work alongside our great distributor partners, like Superior Beverage, Tramonte Distributing and Beverage Distributors, to call on bars and restaurants, sharing the benefits and beauty of our brands. We have powerful tools [like Building with Beer] and strong stories that help make that job easier.”

When he’s not selling beer, Aaron can be found running the Chicago Marathon, which he has done six times. He also enjoys spending time outdoors and cheering on the Brewers and Packers, usually with a High Life in hand.

Aaron Ausloos - sales representative, Cleveland

Annie Mohler - on-premise manager, Central Region

Annie Mohler is an optimistic on-premise manager whose glass is always half-full, although her travel bucket list is nearly empty (only Asia remains on her continent wish list).

Optimism and a team-first approach have helped her succeed as she coaches and supports 19 sales reps and five sales rep leads, with a focus on utilizing marketing strategies and programs to drive on-premise sales. One of Annie’s favorite aspects of her job is hitting retail with sales reps and watching them grow more confident and successful as they gain experience and knowledge of the beer industry.

“I love the camaraderie at MillerCoors and how it feels like we’re all on one team, working toward a common goal,” Annie said.

When Annie’s not selling beer or traveling the world, this University of Arizona grad can be found trying out new Dallas-area restaurants or testing out a new exercise routine. While she’s currently enjoying the citrus-IPA craze, her go-to beer is always Miller Lite.

Annie Mohler - on-premise manager, Central Region

Don McNamara - instrument controls electrician, Golden Brewery

In 2013, Don McNamara took a trip to Colorado from his home in upstate New York. During his visit, Don took a tour of the Coors Brewery. The tour must have made a big impression on Don, because two months later, he was working at the brewery in malting.

After four years in malting, Don last year made his way to the equipment specialist team as an instrument controls electrician. It was a perfect fit for Don, who has a degree in process control and electrical science. In his role, he develops solutions to help the production department run more smoothly. His tasks vary wildly from day to day. “One of the things I love about my job is the diversity of the work,” Don said. “I can be working on state-of-the-art controls systems one day and traditional pneumatic systems the next.”

Don is also the go-to guy if there’s any heavy lifting needed to be done in the brewery. He owns eight Colorado powerlifting records, and is close to a national record in the bench press. When he’s not working or powerlifting, Don enjoys drinking Coors Banquet, dirt biking around Colorado and spending time with his children and three grandchildren.

Don McNamara - instrument controls electrician, Golden Brewery