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04.17.14 Coors Light and No Barriers USA Partner to Help People Climb On

Coors Light has partnered with No Barriers USA, a nonprofit organization that shares the brand’s belief that challenges are opportunities and helps people conquer personal mountains. The relationship began in 2016, and continues this year with Coors Light as a lead sponsor of the 2017 No Barriers Summit, including new women’s focused events.

No Barriers and Coors Light share similar missions, prompting the continued partnership. The No Barriers mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration. Coors Light launched its “Climb On” campaign in 2016, focusing on those who see challenges as opportunities and rewarding them along their personal journeys with the World’s Most Refreshing Beer. Both Coors Light and No Barriers strive to foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers.

“Coors Light celebrates the perseverance required to overcome the challenges we all face, because we know the harder the climb, the better the reward,” said Cristin Rudolph, Coors Light senior marketing manager. “We are excited to be a lead sponsor of the 2017 No Barriers Summit. It is an environment that embraces the outdoors, unleashing the best potential in attendees, strengthening our community, and honoring the determination of everyone involved during the summit and beyond.”

The 2017 No Barriers Summit will be held June 1-4 at Squaw Creek in North Lake Tahoe, Calif. Online registration is open now through May 25. At the summit, Coors Light will sponsor several activities, including a happy hour to reward participants’ journeys, featuring MillerCoors trade brewer and certified cicerone Victoria Tonini.

To help people participate in this year’s summit, Coors Light is funding full and partial scholarships for 39 participants who are determined to live the No Barriers lifestyle. The Coors Light scholarships will gift this life-changing experience to those who might not be able to attend on their own. Coors Light will highlight a scholarship recipient’s story through its digital short documentary series, “My Climb, My Story,” which features individuals across the country who see challenges as opportunities to better themselves and their communities.

“We are proud to be able to offer scholarships to deserving participants this year, and we look forward to sharing one special journey through ‘My Climb, My Story’ to inspire fellow attendees and people around the country,” said Rudolph.

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