There’s much more to being a leading brewer than just making great beer. Ethics and responsibility play an integral part in everything we do, from marketing and selling our beers to our supply chain operations. We self-regulate our practices through a Code of Business Conduct that sets guidelines for compliance areas and outlines our responsibilities.

The code applies to everyone working for MillerCoors, as well as anyone working on behalf of the company including all agents and representatives, consultants, contractors and temporary employees. Each of these employees or representatives is expected to comply with the Code and MillerCoors policies, in addition to all laws, regulations and industry standards.

Embedded into our Code of Business Conduct are situational descriptions and examples that help guide employees on appropriate conduct in the following areas:

        •   Accuracy of books and records
        •   Alcohol responsibility
        •   Business relationships
        •   Gifts and entertainment
        •   Confidential information
        •   Conflicts of interest
        •   Customers and competitors
        •   Health, safety, environmental protection and crisis situations
        •   Insider trading
        •   Organizations competing with MillerCoors
        •   Political contributions
        •   Use and protection of company resources
        •   Respect and equal opportunity at work

We invite you to review our Code of Business Conduct to learn more about how MillerCoors drives business growth the right way. You may also learn more about our external programs at

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