Transportation and Delivery at MillerCoors

Transportation and Delivery

At MillerCoors, we recognize the benefits of working with our transportation suppliers to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. With more than 6,000 rail cars and more than 420,000 trucks taking part in the distribution of our beer, we realize that transportation in our supply chain can have an impact on transportation facilities, greenhouse gas emissions and the environment. Whether through the transportation of goods and materials to our breweries or the delivery of finished products to our distributors and retailers, we are focused on reducing the environmental impacts of these services.

SmartWay Transport Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay™ Transport program helps freight companies improve fuel efficiency, increase environmental performance and increase supply chain sustainability. As a SmartWay™ Transport Partner, MillerCoors is voluntarily improving fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impacts from freight transportation.

Because our suppliers provide most of our transportation services, we do not directly control much of our transportation-related fuel efficiency and emissions. By encouraging our suppliers to participate in a program like SmartWay™, we can improve the environmental performance of our transportation services.

2011 Green Shipper Award

We received the 2011 Green Shipper Award from the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the Regional Air Quality Council. The award is in recognition of our promotion and support of EPA SmartWay carriers, as well as other programs that promote energy efficiency and emission reductions. The Green Shipper Award recognizes our success in encouraging our transportation suppliers to take steps towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

It’s All Connected

When we implement sustainable initiatives with one group of suppliers, we can reap benefits throughout the supply chain. For instance, when we reduce our packaging, we reduce the consumption of raw materials and generate less waste. The reduced packaging also allows us to reduce the total number of truck and rail shipments we need because we can increase the amount of beer we can load in a single shipment. By reducing the number of shipments, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.