Having a transparent and sustainable supply chain is another key ingredient in Brewing for Good. Transparency allows us to foresee and address any potential issues before they can disrupt our operations. Sustainability allows us to reduce our impact on the environment, support diverse communities and control the costs to produce great beer. 

Fernando Palacios, chief integrated supply chain officer

We are dedicated to working with suppliers who are as diverse as our consumers. As part of our sustainability strategy, we set a 2015 cumulative goal to spend more than $2.5 billion with diverse suppliers. We regularly monitor our progress toward this 2015 goal, which is discussed here .

2012 Highlights

  • We teamed up with our suppliers to work on sustainability projects that reduce carbon dioxide, decrease waste, conserve water, decrease weight and increase recycled content
  • We enhanced our water conservation practices at the Showcase Barley Farm in Silver Creek Valley, saving a cumulative total of approximately 270 million gallons of water in just its first two years, through 2012, and cutting the farm’s energy use by more than half
  • We continued working with The Nature Conservancy to expand our partnership and target areas in our agricultural supply chain that are most at risk, including the water-stressed regions of Monte Vista, Colo.; Huntley, Mont.; and Worland, Wyo.
  • We facilitated sustainability reporting with some of our top suppliers through their adoption of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange tool
  • We engaged more than 700 minority- and womanowned suppliers and increased our diverse supplier spend $29 million over 2011 to $477 million, representing 8.5 percent of our total supplier spend