Responsible Marketing at MillerCoors

Responsible Marketing Practices

At MillerCoors, our marketing must meet strict requirements that go above and beyond simple regulatory compliance and industry standards. We self-regulate our marketing and advertisements to confirm they focus on legal-drinking-age audiences and meet our rigorous internal standards. We care how our products are portrayed not only because our advertisements are a reflection of our brands, but also because responsible advertising shows our respect for our consumers and our communities.

Federal Standards: Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission is the U.S. consumer protection agency. MillerCoors complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s standards, including that the content of our advertisements should appeal primarily to people age 21 years and older. The Federal Trade Commission’s website  provides parents and other interested parties with tools and information to reduce teen drinking. In 2011, we helped raise visibility for the Don’t Serve Teens campaign by supporting it online and providing funds for billboard advertisements in high-traffic locations. 

Industry Standards: Beer Institute

MillerCoors is a member of the Beer Institute, an organization working to develop sound public policy for the beer industry. MillerCoors abides by the Beer Institute’s Advertising and Marketing Code, which is regularly updated to reflect changing social, commercial and technological conditions. For instance, based on 2010 U.S. Census data, the Beer Institute issued new requirements that 71.6 percent of a target audience consist of adults age 21 and older. In February 2011, the Beer Institute issued new guidelines for advertisements through digital media and Internet privacy. As a member of the Beer Institute, MillerCoors adopted these new standards.

MillerCoors Standards: Our Marketing Compliance Code

We more than just meet government and industry standards for our advertising — we exceed these standards through our own internal policies that rigorously self-govern how we advertise and market our products. We have written our own Marketing Compliance Code for use in TV, radio, print and online advertising; on college campuses; and at sporting and entertainment events.

It all starts with an extensive, formal advertising review process. Our legal team reviews our print and online marketing and advertisements to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Following the legal team’s review, our Marketing Compliance Committee reviews every TV and radio advertisement as well as certain print and point of sale advertisements and digital marketing pieces for compliance with the MillerCoors Marketing Compliance Code and the Beer Institute’s Advertising and Marketing Code. Our Marketing Compliance Committee includes representatives from MillerCoors responsibility, marketing, communications and legal teams.

MillerCoors Standards: Self-Regulation

Compliance with our own marketing code is one way we self-regulate our advertisements and other marketing. We also conduct audits of our marketing placement and make any necessary adjustments to our media presence. Every two years, we train 100 percent of our advertising agency partners and conduct in-depth training with all sales and marketing employees to ensure they promote our products in the most appropriate and responsible ways. On all TV, radio, online and print advertising and at the point-of-sale, we include a responsibility message such as “Great Beer, Great Responsibility.” Responsible advertising reflects the pride we have in our company and the respect we have for our communities.

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Community Standards: Respecting Your Concerns

We care greatly how our advertisements and marketing are perceived. We listen to the concerns of individuals and organizations that take an interest in our products, and we respond with respect and consideration. On every product and every brand website, our consumers have the opportunity to submit comments to MillerCoors. We take pride in reviewing every consumer comment posed and providing appropriate responses.

As a member of the Beer Institute, we participate in the Beer Institute’s Code Compliance Review Board’s complaint review process. Through this process, a third party resolves advertising or marketing complaints that have been raised to a heightened level of concern. We are pleased to report that in 2011, MillerCoors did not have any complaints that brought about this third-party resolution process.