Responsible Fan Behavior

Responsible Fan Behavior

“We know that many sport fans enjoy a beer during a game. We encourage fans to drink responsibly, use designated drivers and never drive drunk. MillerCoors believes that with great beer comes great responsibility. We want fans to enjoy the game, get home safely and remember the occasion for all the right reasons.”

– Kim Marotta, director sustainability

Everybody Wins With Responsible Fans

We applaud our fans who enjoy our beers responsibly at sporting and entertainment venues. Together with our sports leagues and concessionaires, we promote designated driver programs and encourage fans to stay in control and get home safely. We prepared a Sports Alliance Responsibility Playbook and Special Events Guide to provide our partners with tools and products to promote responsible fan behavior. Whether at a baseball game, soccer game or music festival, we ask our fans to step up and pledge to drink responsibly or designate a driver — because when our fans make smart choices, everybody wins.

Goal for Responsibility at the Gold Cup

As sponsors for the Gold Cup 2011, we fielded our own team to score a goal for responsible fan behavior. While fans gathered to cheer on their favorite soccer team, MillerCoors educated consumers that drunk driving is completely preventable. We encouraged fans to pledge to be designated drivers and rewarded them with Miller Lite promotional items and great prizes throughout the tournament. For fans without designated drivers, we offered the Miller Lite Taxi Finder iPhone app or 1-800-TAXICAB and $10 taxicab vouchers.

A total of 5,356 fans either pledged to drink responsibly or received taxicab vouchers through our 2011 Gold Cup soccer responsible consumption program.

Home Run With Responsible Diamondback Fans

We congratulate the Arizona Diamondbacks, winners of the 2011 designated driver challenge against the Colorado Rockies. The two teams competed for the most fans to pledge to be designated drivers during the 2011 Major League Baseball season. MillerCoors sponsored the program with the Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition, state offices of highway safety, state patrol offices and the concessionaires at both Chase Field and Coors Field. Over 81 games, the Diamondbacks obtained 18,419 designated drivers versus the Rockies’ 11,025 designated drivers. Due to the strong participation in 2011 for both teams, MillerCoors encouraged the Diamondbacks and Rockies to take on the challenge again in 2012 with the goal of increasing the number of fans who pledge to be a designated driver at both stadiums.

Goal for Responsibility at the National Hockey League Winter Classic

We are big fans of responsible fans. With Coors Light the official beer sponsor of the National Hockey League (NHL), MillerCoors partnered with TEAM Coalition to encourage fans to set a smart game plan, such as drinking moderately and designating a driver at the 2011-2012 NHL Winter Classic. In Philadelphia, fans braved the chill, Dec. 31, 2011, through Jan. 2, 2012, to visit MillerCoors booths to enjoy games and pledge to be designated drivers. We rewarded designated drivers with a chance to pose for a souvenir photo and opportunities to receive other fun prizes, including coveted hand warmers and chances to win hockey gear. Over the three-day period, more than 1,500 fans pledged to keep their cool, make a smart choice and be a designated driver.

Applaud Those Who Designate at the Summerfest Music Festival

In Milwaukee, we look forward to the annual 11-day Summerfest music festival, just as we have for the past 44 years. Because we want music fans to enjoy the festival safely year after year, we asked fans to Be Great and Designate and never drive drunk. We rewarded our nearly 1,000 designated driver pledges with a chance to win Brewers tickets and other great prizes.