Responsibility on College Campuses

Responsibility on College Campuses

We play an important role in preventing underage access and promoting responsible decision making on college campuses. MillerCoors works with local communities, our distributors and universities to establish appropriate marketing guidelines and develop programs to encourage responsible behavior.

Our goal is to create awareness and education about:

  • Legal drinking age
  • Drinking responsibly
  • Getting home safely and designating a driver

College Marketing Guidelines

MillerCoors has prepared special advertising and marketing guidelines to address responsible consumption on college campuses. Our collegiate advertising is carefully reviewed for compliance with our Marketing Code for College Communities. For instance, we verify that our target audiences are at least 71.6 percent legal-drinking-age consumers, such as alumni and college sports fans of legal drinking age. We do not direct advertising at the undergraduate student body.

Great Plays Grant Program

Each day college students have the ability and opportunity to make decisions that result in positive outcomes — the great plays in their lives — that help them thrive and be successful. Choosing not to abuse beer is one of the greatest plays a student can make.

To encourage students to make responsible choices and reinforce our responsible college marketing guidelines, we formed our Great Plays Grant Program in 2011. Each year, all universities that agree to participate in MillerCoors college sports marketing partnerships are eligible for a $10,000 Great Plays grant. Schools can then use the grant on programs such as drunk driving prevention, efforts to change students' drinking behaviors and to raise awareness of harmful behavior that results from dangerous levels of consumption.

To bolster the credibility and success of the program, we partnered with the Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation (ABMRF) to administer the program. ABMRF is a private foundation that supports research to understand the effects of drinking on health and behavior. ABMRF serves as an independent, scientific consultant for the review of the grant applications.

Grants were issued for the first time in 2012. To date, 23 schools submitted successful applications to receive $10,000 grants, for a total of $230,000 in grants supported by MillerCoors. We are also sponsoring a competition in 2012 for a one-time $75,000 grant to an eligible college or university to research the most effective prevention programming used on its campus.

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation

ABMRF is the largest, independent, nonprofit foundation in North America dedicated to supporting research on the prevention of irresponsible drinking and the medical, social and behavioral effects of drinking. Established in 1982, ABMRF has supported research projects at more than 250 universities and research institutions.