Employee Training at MillerCoors

Employee Training

At MillerCoors, we are serious about the issues surrounding irresponsible drinking. As employees, we are proud to work at MillerCoors — our beers are enjoyed responsibly by millions of adults every day — but we realize we have an obligation to model responsible behavior whether we are inside our workplaces, at a bar with friends or cheering on our favorite teams at our local sporting venues. To help foster a company that values responsibility, we have established policies and implemented training programs for all our employees.

Employee Alcohol Policy

Employees' choices can affect MillerCoors reputation, safety in our workplaces and compliance with applicable laws. Because we care about the harmful effects of irresponsible consumption, we strive to set uniform standards for employee behavior inside and outside of the workplace.

To help guide employees in making appropriate decisions, MillerCoors has established a clear Employee Alcohol Policy. Our policy covers employees’ personal conduct, company-sponsored events, driving while impaired and providing beer to anyone who is not a legal-drinking-age consumer. We expect every employee to read and acknowledge this policy annually, and ask all employees to support our policy in both their professional and personal lives.

Alcohol, Behavior and Communication Training Program

As ambassadors for MillerCoors, we believe it is important to educate ourselves regarding the issues associated with irresponsible consumption. We launched a companywide training program, Alcohol, Behavior and Communication (AB&C), to address key alcohol issues affecting our industry, prevent employee alcohol abuse and promote responsible consumption. AB&C training also addresses societal concerns regarding responsible consumption and helps employees find positive ways to communicate about these topics with others both inside and outside the workplace.

Rethink drinking and take the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism self assessment. 

AB&C training is provided to new employees when they initially join MillerCoors. Current employees repeat the training every three years, with the next round of training scheduled for 2013. In addition, we have also recently made a subset of our AB&C training available to our distributors, who participate on a volunteer basis. We expanded this program from our internal audiences because of the important role our distributor partners play in preventing underage access to our products and modeling appropriate consumption behavior.

Importance of Responsible Consumption

Ask us about MillerCoors beliefs, policies and positions regarding the issues surrounding irresponsible drinking. We will tell you:

  • We do not want underage consumers. We encourage only responsible consumption of our brands by legal-drinking-age consumers.
  • Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable. We encourage everyone, including employees, to plan ahead for a designated driver or safe alternative transportation.
  • We believe no one should ever drink to become intoxicated. Our advertising and promotions do not glamorize intoxication or encourage people to become intoxicated.