Our commitment to responsible beer marketing and consumption is rooted in these core beliefs:

  • We believe that with great beer comes great responsibility.
  • We recognize that our beers are enjoyed responsibly by millions of adults every day.
  • We engage consumers and stakeholders, and work collectively with them to promote
    responsible enjoyment of our products.
  • We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible beer consumption.
  • We respect that beer consumption is for legal-age adults and is a matter of individual
    judgment and accountability.
  • We ensure that our marketing practices comply with laws, regulations and voluntary
    advertising and marketing codes.
  • We value responsibility in our business culture, and our employees demonstrate high
    levels of conduct.



2015 Goal: 10 Million Strong

As part of our strategic plan for responsibility, we set a 2015 goal to encourage 10 million people to participate in planning ahead and taking a safe ride home. 

In 2013, we provided 1.8 million people with opportunities to take advantage of a safe ride program.  That brings our cumulative total to more than 12.1 million people since 2009.

Visit our drunk driving prevention page to learn about the various efforts in place that helped us achieve this goal.

National and State-Specific Alcohol Statistics

Gain an understanding of the progress that has been made to reduce drunk driving and underage drinking at the national and state levels. Click on the state of your choice and then download the associated stats via PDF file.
For national statistics click here.

National and State-Specific Alcholol Statistics

External Commentary: Alberto Gutier, Arizona Governor’s Office
Director, Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

"Thanks so much to MillerCoors and Crescent Crown, as well as Valley Metro, for initiating the New Year’s Eve Coors Light Free Rides® program. With a 63 percent increase in light rail ridership and about a 22 percent decrease in DUI arrests on area highways during this past holiday season, their efforts and ongoing support of this program undoubtedly helped save a life or prevent a true tragedy in our community. This is a real testament to MillerCoors doing business the right way. It shows in tangible ways that they are committed to responsibility and to their communities. And it shows that when government and companies work well together for the greater good, the public can really benefit. This is a perfect example of how different sectors can work together to address drunk driving and promote highway safety."