Professional Development at MillerCoors

Professional Development

At MillerCoors, we invest in the professional development of our people by providing training, mentoring and financial support for continuing education. Our own MillerCoors University offers courses on leadership and commercial and operational skill-building and development.

MillerCoors University

Our MillerCoors University offers both online and classroom training at our state-of-the-art facility in Milwaukee and at additional satellite facilities in Chicago and Golden, Colo. We offer courses in business, leadership, diversity, ethics and health and safety. In 2011, MillerCoors University provided more than 380,000 hours of classroom and online training.

To develop emerging leaders, MillerCoors University provides formal classes, mentoring programs and hands-on learning. These programs anchor emerging leaders in our three core leadership requirements: personal impact, grow talent and deliver results. More than 1,500 employees participated in core enterprise leadership development programs in 2011.

Mentoring Programs

In our group mentoring programs, one or two mentors work with a group of 10 to 12 employees to help guide and grow their careers at MillerCoors. We expanded our group mentoring programs from three programs to more than 20 groups and 200 individuals in 2011. Mentoring programs include:

  • Mentoring for Line Managers: In 2011, a team of senior leaders from across MillerCoors created a new leadership program for line managers, staff who manage production lines at our breweries. The year-long program includes two instructor-led training sessions and a group mentoring program. Seventy-five MillerCoors leaders entered the program.
  • Mentoring for Women: We launched our Women in Sales mentoring program in 2010 to connect our female sales representatives with MillerCoors female leadership. Building on the success of that program, in 2011 we began group mentoring programs for women in marketing and supply chain. We also implemented new mentoring software for our female sales force to let mentors and sales representatives connect one-on-one or in groups, share documents and post comments.
  • Mentoring New Leaders: We identified a group of 18 high-potential employees to participate in the 2011 leadership mentoring program. This group of high-potential talent participated in a year-long action learning program that culminated in December with recommendations to MillerCoors senior leaders.

Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage employees to continue their education. In 2011, MillerCoors provided tuition reimbursement to 177 employees for a total investment of more than $550,000.