Workplace Opportunity at MillerCoors

Workplace Opportunity

At MillerCoors, we develop our people’s skills, appreciate our diversity and create a safe environment where all employees are engaged. We strive to bring out the best in our people — because we need the best people to create America’s best beer company.

Labor Practices

MillerCoors adheres to all labor and employment laws wherever we operate, including those respecting freedom of association, privacy and equal opportunity. As of March 31, 2012, we employ more than 8,800 people. One third of our employees are represented by independent trade unions, covered by collective bargaining agreements or represented by formal joint management-worker health and safety committees.

Employee Engagement Survey

Each year, we conduct our employee engagement survey to evaluate all current employees’ job satisfaction, awareness of our sustainability activities and perceptions regarding diversity and inclusion. In 2011, our employee response rate was 87 percent.
The 2011 survey results highlight a number of successes. Overall employee engagement increased
2 percentage points to 72 percent. Respondents who indicated that they would choose to still work for MillerCoors in 12 months also increased 2 percentage points to 83 percent, and respondents who reported awareness of our sustainability activities increased 1 percentage point to 62 percent.
The 2011 survey results also identified several areas that employees feel require improvement, including stronger representation of diversity among employees. We are working to strengthen awareness and participation for diversity and inclusion activities in our workplace.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion survey results and about our 2011 initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion at MillerCoors.
In addition to our annual employee engagement survey, we also conduct a new employee survey to gauge how successfully we are communicating our sustainability activities. In a survey of 355 new employees in 2011, 91 percent reported that valuing the environment is a top priority for MillerCoors

Employee survey successes

employee survey sustainable development

2015 Goal: Achieve Recognition as one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®

To attract and retain the best employees, we are creating a workplace that employees appreciate and other companies respect. To help achieve this, we have established a 2015 workplace goal to win recognition as one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®. Placement on the list of best companies is based on a third-party evaluation of a company’s policies and culture and a survey of the company’s own employees.
We submitted our application for the second time in 2010, and, while we were not selected, we continue to learn more about the criteria and our performance as an employer. We are using what we have learned to refine our overall business strategy, improve our approach to diversity and inclusion and reinforce our commitment to addressing the challenges identified in our employee engagement survey.