Stakeholder input is critical to shaping MillerCoors


At MillerCoors, we engage with a cross section of internal and external stakeholders. We use a variety of approaches to solicit stakeholder feedback, and we use that feedback to shape the strategies and policies that guide our long-term sustainability.

MillerCoors Stakeholders

To determine which issues are the most relevant for the long-term sustainability of MillerCoors, we start by reaching out to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include:

  • Employees
  • Management
  • Parent companies, SABMiller plc and Molson Coors Brewing Co.
  • Investors in our parent companies
  • Suppliers, distributors and business partners
  • Community organizations
  • Multicultural organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Customers
  • Industry associations and working groups
  • Cross-industry associations and working groups
  • Regulators and policymakers concerned with aspects of our business
  • Media

Stakeholder Engagement

In 2011, we used a variety of approaches to solicit feedback from our stakeholders, including:

  • Employee surveys
    • Annual employee engagement survey
    • Alcohol, Behavior and Communication survey
    • Event-specific surveys
    • New employee engagement survey
    • Green Team (environmental team) survey
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Face-to-face meetings, telephone interviews and email contact
    • Key employees
    • Internal subject matter experts
    • External stakeholders
  • Telephone hotlines
    • Ethics helpline
    • Customer phone line

Employee Engagement Survey

Each year, we conduct our employee engagement survey to evaluate employee job satisfaction, awareness of our sustainability activities and perceptions regarding diversity and inclusion. Read more about our 2011 employee engagement survey results for:

External Stakeholder Perspectives

MillerCoors engages our people, partners and communities as we report on our challenges and successes over the past year. We asked a representative group of external stakeholders to comment on their perceptions of MillerCoors sustainability initiatives. Read our external stakeholders’ perspectives by following these links:

Learn about our other practices for external oversight.

Response to Stakeholder Concerns

We use the feedback we receive from our stakeholders to shape our policies and strategies.

  • Environmental leadership: A survey of our key leaders in environmental stewardship found that support and engagement from our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) would accelerate efforts to drive environmental stewardship initiatives at MillerCoors. In response, Chief Executive Officer Tom Long and Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer Fernando Palacios signed the MillerCoors Environmental, Health and Safety Commitment to demonstrate strong support from our SLT.
  • Diversity and inclusion: In our annual employee engagement survey, diversity and inclusion is identified as an area for improvement. In response, we have developed our Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC). IDAC is  comprised of external stakeholders tasked with advising MillerCoors on the best practices, strategies, tools and research to advance diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.
  • Corporate Citizenship: Corporate Citizenship, a specialty management consulting company, prepares external commentary for our sustainability reports. In our MillerCoors 2012 Sustainability Report, we strive to address all of Corporate Citizenship’s comments on the past year’s report.