Goal is to lead the US beer industry in sustainability


At MillerCoors, our long-term goal is to lead the U.S. beer industry in sustainability. We track our annual progress toward that goal through our Sustainability Assessment Matrix and our 2015 goals.

Our Vision: Create America’s Best Beer Company

Our vision is to create America’s best beer company by:

  • Elevating our brands
  • Earning customer preference
  • Fueling growth
  • Engaging people
  • Embracing sustainability

Embrace Sustainability

Embracing responsibility is a critical strategic objective. At MillerCoors, we strive to:

  • Promote and protect the responsible enjoyment and marketing of beer
  • Embed environmental stewardship in the way we operate
  • Increase the commercial impact of community and multicultural partnerships

Our Goal: Lead the U.S. Beer Industry in Sustainability

We define sustainability as managing our environmental, social and economic opportunities and risks in a strategic way to protect our enterprise and maximize business value. To lead the beer industry in sustainability, we:

  1. Evaluate our challenges and opportunities related to sustainability
  2. Establish sustainable development goals and regularly measure our performance
  3. Report on our progress to our parent companies and to our stakeholders

Our 2011 Awards: Achieve Recognition for Our Successes

We were recognized in 2011 for our successes. Accolades include: