Opportunity to influence our industry

Opportunities and Risks

At MillerCoors, we are committed to ethical behavior in everything we do. We have an opportunity to use our sustainable business practices to influence our industry and our society for the better.

Opportunities to Embrace Sustainability

We believe MillerCoors can and should adapt to reflect current concerns about climate change, resource availability and social equality. We have identified opportunities to further impact sustainability at MillerCoors:

  • Increase awareness of sustainability issues among consumers and employees and show how people can make a positive difference
  • Drive sustainability into our supply chain through partnerships, purchasing decisions and other programs
  • Establish new standards for resource conservation in the beverage industry, particularly regarding water, energy, packaging materials and waste
  • Continue to help reduce underage drinking and drunk driving in our society
  • Support small and diverse businesses and multicultural entrepreneurs
  • Increase multicultural diversity in our supply chain and workplace
  • Differentiate MillerCoors in the marketplace based on our sustainability performance

Long-Term Risks from Sustainability Issues

Like any business, we seek to understand the risks to our long-term profitability. The main risks we recognize today include:

  • Potential changes in societal acceptance of beer and the need for responsibility
  • Increasing pressure on water sources as a result of population growth, climate change and other factors, as this could affect the cost and availability of water for our breweries
  • Decreasing supplies of malt-quality barley and hops due to climate concerns, water availability and economic factors
  • Increasing costs of energy and energy-intensive components of our products, such as glass