Environmental Stewardship

In 2013, MillerCoors made great strides in reducing our environmental footprint. Our Sustainability Improvement Team (SIT) drives the company’s overall strategy for improving environmental performance, while our FEWER (Fuel, Energy, Water, Emissions Reduction) Team, with representatives at each of our breweries, develops multi-year action plans to improve results. The key to our success is how well our employees are sharing best practices and working together as a team – not just in their own breweries or sales offices, but across the organization. This approach is reaping huge gains in water, energy, packaging and waste reductions.  

We regularly monitor progress toward our 2015 goals. We prepare a monthly scorecard that tracks water use, energy use and solid waste disposal across our breweries. We perform routine audits of our operations to help ensure
we are maintaining compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and we implement corrective actions
wherever needed.


2015 Goal: Reduce Water Use by 15 Percent to Achieve a 3.5:1.0 Water-to-Beer Ratio

We track our water use and beer production at each of our breweries, and we use those numbers to calculate an average for the company’s overall water-to-beer ratio. In 2013, we achieved an average
water-to-beer ratio of 3.48:1.0 across our eight major breweries, thus achieving our 2015 goal earlier
than planned. 

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2015 Goal: Reduce Energy Use by 15 Percent to 137 Megajoules/Hectoliter of Beer

We track our energy use and beer production at each of our breweries and calculate an average of the megajoules (MJ) of energy used to brew one hectoliter (hl) of beer. In 2013, we improved energy use across our eight major breweries to 123 MJ/hl, a 15.6 percent reduction from 2012.

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2015 Goal: Reduce Packaging by 2 Percent by Weight

Our 2015 goal is to reduce overall annual weight of all our packaging in the supply chain by 2 percent from the 2008 base year. Our calculation method considers the average weight of all packaging materials per barrel of beer. Through a combination of light-weighting initiatives and changes in product mix, we have surpassed our goal and reduced packaging weight by 8.74 percent since 2008.

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2015 Goal: Reduce Remaining Waste to Landfill by 50 Percent

We set a target to reduce our remaining waste to landfill by 50 percent compared to our 2008 baseline. In 2013, we reduced remaining waste to landfill by more than 1,300 tons, a 9.2 percent improvement from the previous year, and a 79.2 percent improvement over our baseline.

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External Commentary: Tom Bruursema, NSF International General Manager, Environmental and Sustainability Services

"We are pleased to recognize MillerCoors for their leadership position in environmental stewardship through a strong commitment to reduction in waste disposal to landfills. Recognizing the positive impact that can be realized in reducing waste, recycling and reusing, six of eight major MillerCoors breweries now claim the achievement of being fully landfill free. With increasing awareness for our limited raw material resources and the need for improved waste management in manufacturing, more companies are following this lead toward landfill-free facilities. NSF International works with various product manufacturing companies to certify such claims against rigorous third-party criteria and assessments that include in-facility audits."