We work with our suppliers to develop new ways to lighten materials and eliminate unnecessary packaging in our beverage containers, in our operations, at retail and throughout our supply chain.


Packaging Performance

Packaging weight can be affected by light-weighting initiatives, as well as changes in product mix (for example, bottles are heavier than cans). In 2013, we used 55.34 pounds of non-returnable packaging material per barrel of beer produced, reducing packaging by 3.6 percentcompared to the
previous year.


Packaging Reduction Initiatives

Last year, we reduced the height of our 24-ounce can trays to reduce the weight of cardboard used per tray by 12.6 percent. This saved more than 800,000 pounds of paper in 2013.

We introduced a 12-ounce “Stubby” bottle for certain Coors Banquet SKUs.
This new bottle weighs 10.7 percent less than the long-neck bottle and saved more than 900,000 pounds of glass in 2013.

We also reduced the weights of our 12-, 16- and 24-ounce cans.
Collectively, these initiatives saved more than 3.5 million pounds of aluminum in 2013.