Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability Assessment Matrix

At MillerCoors, we measure our performance through our Sustainability Assessment Matrix (SAM). We report our SAM scores to our parent companies twice each year, and we group our SAM scores to correlate with the five areas of responsibility addressed in our annual Sustainability Report.

What Are SAM Scores?

Our parent company, SABMiller plc, has developed 10 priorities for sustainable development, and our other parent company, Molson Coors Brewing Co., has embraced this reporting method. We measure our progress using SABMiller plc’s SAM priorities, and we describe our progress on these 10 priorities as our SAM scores.

SAM Performance Levels

The SAM scale specifies five levels of performance, from the lowest level (one) to the highest level (five). Note that prior to 2010, the SAM scale had four levels. SABMiller plc added the fifth level in 2010 to challenge us to perform as true leaders in sustainability.

Learn more about our SAM score performance levels.

SAM Score Timeframe

Our SAM scores are incorporated into SABMiller plc’s SAM results each fiscal year, which covers the period from April 1 to March 31. For this reason, our 2011 SAM scores cover the time period of April 1, 2011, through March 31, 2012. Other data disclosed in our MillerCoors 2012 Sustainability Report covers the 2011 calendar year.

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SAM Integration in MillerCoors Sustainability Model

Because MillerCoors is a legally separate company with two owners, we have developed our own model for reporting on our sustainability. We group the 10 SAM priorities into our five major areas of sustainability: responsibility, environmental stewardship, supply chain, people and communities and ethics and transparency.

Sustainable Development report