Recycling Pledge at MillerCoors

Recycling Pledge

"I pledge to recycle as often as possible and to commit to purchasing products made from recycled materials."


At MillerCoors, we believe that recycling is the easiest and most effective way for anyone to conserve energy, protect natural resources and reduce their carbon footprint. We practice this by reusing or recycling more than 99 percent of our brewery waste, and by supporting consumer recycling efforts.

Our customers play a huge role in completing the “recycling loop” as well. Follow these easy tips to commit to recycling everything you can, as often as you can.

  • Find out WHAT you can recycle – and HOW to recycle it in your community. Contact your local recycling coordinator or visit, where you can simply type in your zip code and what material you want to recycle to find local information.
  • When “on the go” in your vehicle, boat or RV, be sure to keep a separate trash bag for recyclables – it’s easier to sort them BEFORE you get home.
  • Spread the word about America Recycles Day (November 15) – a national celebration devoted to raising awareness and enthusiasm around recycling. And take part in a local recycling event.
  • Complete the loop by purchasing products made from recycled materials whenever possible.

Take responsibility into your own hands. Together, we can reduce waste through our daily choices and actions that preserve and protect our environment.